Crime Stoppers Expo Dates Moved to December 17-19, 2013

December 3rd 2013

Good Day,

We would like to announce the change in date for the Crime Stoppers Expo 2013.

Being a hectic time of year, many exhibitors were not able to conclude their participation on time, and therefore requested the adjustment. The venue has graciously agreed to give us new dates: 17-19 December 2013.

This is an extra busy time of the year, and attendance and participation is still expected to be excellent. Please accept this new date as a chance to gain extra mileage and work with us to put a STOP to Crime!

We thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Crime Stoppers Expo Botswana




November 25th 2013

Gaborone, Botswana


Crime Stoppers Expo 2013

Gaborone is to see its first annual Crime Stoppers Expo held on the weekend of the 6 th to the 8 th of December 2013, at Game City Mall, Gaborone. With the noticeable increase in crime in and around Gaborone, our safety has become a growing concern. The Crime Stoppers Expo (CSE) is designed to look at all types of crime, from personal to home, office to internet, and all the in-betweens. The event will look at new technology available, gimmicks, safeguards, personal protection and have basic first aid and self-defense demos, tips on clues to look out for, banking safety, internet issues, business and commercial fraud, as well as insurance and investigative fields.

It’s our job as individuals to protect our families, homes, cars, businesses, towns, cities, and country. The Crime Stoppers Expo brings you all the solutions available for you to research and use. A number of targeted products and services for securing all aspects of our lives including the following categories will be on exhibit:

  • Self defense / personal protection
  • Home safety & security
  • Emergency Response
  • Fraud prevention
  • Office safety & security
  • Cybercrime prevention
  • Environmental protection
  • Safety equipment & products
  • Law enforcement

The Crime Stoppers Expo will also bring you live demos covering basic first-aid and self-defense, as well as showcases of new technology available in the market. Visitors can also look out for great specials from exhibitors.

A few stalls are still available for those who would like to exhibit. The Crime Stoppers Expo website has more information on the expo, exhibitors and the organizers (

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